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Academic Associates Reading Course is an in-depth, phonics-based course taught by patient, qualified instructors. It is a comprehensive reading program that teaches the sounds of the letters along with rules that accompany those sounds. With this thorough emphasis on phonics, reading becomes a logical, uncomplicated process.

The commonly used whole-word approach where students are taught to memorize words is challenging for many children. They struggle with this method and will continue to have difficulty unless they are taught a thorough, phonics-based system. When a student becomes more confident with sounding out words, they are then free to use their thinking skills for reading comprehension.

"Our daughter began first grade unable to read. Now, nearing the end of the school year, she is sounding out words at a second grade level and reading with confidence!"  Helen Dean, Gallatin, TN

"At age seven, our son could not read even the most basic text. Since taking this course, he says reading is his favorite subject. Not only is he reading at school with confidence, but he is reading at home for pleasure!"  Carrie Batey, Hendersonville, TN

"Our daughter began first grade reading at a pre-kindergarten level. Since taking this course, the change is amazing! Her love of reading is wonderful. I so enjoy hearing her read to herself!" Susan Alfieri,  Gallatin, TN


Academic Associates is unique

Academic Associates Reading Course was written by Cliff Ponder, a former school teacher and principal from Southern California. For years he had observed the frustration of bright students in their inability to read well. He was convinced that a systematic and thorough phonics course was needed to replace the commonly used whole-word approach, where students are taught to memorize words.


The program has helped thousands of children become excellent readers. There are Academic Associateís Learning Centers across the United States and in other countries.


Elizabeth Phillips launched this program locally in 2006. There are now three Sumner County locations.  Email for more information.


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One to One Instruction A simplified approach with no computers or worksheets Taught in the comfort of the instructor's home.
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